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On this site, you can find the schedules for my weekly yoga classes and mindfulness meditation series.  You can also learn more generally about yoga & mindfulness, buy meditation CD’s, and read my “News” page, containing schedule updates, and random quirky bits about mindfulness and yoga which I find unusual or exciting!

For the past 20 years,
I have applied myself to learning and then teaching the art, philosophy, and practice of two great traditions:  yoga & mindfulness.  Each practice complements the other, and is the heart and source of all my teaching.

who show up in either a mediation or yoga class come as seekers—people who are interested in experiencing their lives differently—either to heal, to discover, to strengthen, or to become more flexible in their hearts, their minds, and their bodies.


In mindfulness meditation classes, students learn: methods for practicing meditation and new ways of working with stress, illness and pain. The concepts of mindfulness practice are explored within a foundation of compassion. Acceptance and tenderness toward our own experiences are fundamental to change.  Meditation practice in this way opens new perspectives for meeting life’s challenges.

In yoga classes, the body is explored as a way to touch our hearts and calm our minds. Through practice, we find new strength and flexibility, our whole being opens. We come to see habits and stories that may no longer serve us. Through consistent exploration, new insights are discovered: from how we move, sit, and walk, to how we experience the world through our senses, to how we understand the sacredness of life.

My approach to teaching is to share what I have learned from my own practices and studies that have taught me to live life more fully, deeply, and with more spaciousness.

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